9 Essential Elements of a Professional Business Card

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The importance of business cards

Professional business cards are an excellent way for Jamaican entrepreneurs and companies to share information with potential clients and other experts at networking events, a random encounter in the elevator and at the end of an interview.

You may be thinking that business cards are ancient and outdated, but you’d be surprised at how many times a business card could come in handy.

An example could be during a networking event where someone asks for your contact, sure you could give them your mobile number, but that’s too casual. What if your phone dies? Do you write it on a napkin and hand it over? No. That would turn off any prospective leads and creates a terrible first impression of your brand. That’s where the magic of a business card comes in handy.

A professional business card creates a good first impression, provides essential information about your business and can be a great way to make people remember you and your brand.

A business card, if done right, provides all the information you want others to know about your company.

The essential elements of a business card


Every business card should have your brand or business' logo on it. Your logo should be simple, unique, but not too detailed. A detailed logo may look good on paper or the web, but at smaller sizes, it may be harder for people to make it out. If possible, your logo should symbolize your business' vision, industry or something unique that sets it apart from the competition.

Logos are an essential part of a professional business card.

ashton industries professional busniess card
Logos are an essential part of a professional business card


A tagline is a short descriptor of your business or service offered, usually within a few words. A few examples include NCB's "Put your best life forward" and Lasco's "Everyday family value". Ideally, your business name should be able to stand on its own, but a tagline adds a bit more information about your business for the public.

Business name

Your business name is usually the second thing people see (first is the logo) on your business card. A business name is a huge deal, it should stand out from your competition and not be too close to the names of your competitors or that of a more prominent company and it should the value or uniqueness of the product you've developed. 

nail it malli professional business card
Your business' name should be prominent on the business card


Your full name should always be on your business card so that the potential client can easily remember who they were talking to and who to name when they call the business. Adding your name to the business card can also be a useful tool in building your personal brand image as it will be in the mind of people you want to connect with.

Job title

Adding your job title to your business card establishes your authority in the company or your professional skillset. Your name and job title should be on the front of your business card.

Philip Clarke professional business card
Your job title shows your authority within the business


You should always include an address on your business card unless you're a freelancer and work from home. Your address establishes credibility as a potential client can look up your business location and verify if what you're offering is legitimate.

fast find limited professional business card
Your business' address should be on your business card


Your business may have several telephone numbers, cell phone numbers etc. so it might not be uncommon to have several numbers on your business card. However, if you want your potential client to have a direct line of communication, it might be best to leave your line or cell phone number.


A branded email is essential for your business if you want to appear professional to clients. Using a generic gmail.com or yahoo.com email address may reduce your credibility in the eyes of clients, so it best to get a branded email address like info@wwworkshop.studio.

ashton industries business card
A professional business card features essential contact information


Having a website where people can find out more about your business and services offered establishes authority and makes your business seem more credible, especially when your competition does not have a website of their own. A single .com domain could be the difference between a customer choosing your business over a competitor's.

Saudicka Diaram business cards
Your website's URL should be on your business card

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