Colorkuler: The #1 Instagram Colour Palette Generator

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ColorKuler is the single best way to generate your Instagram colour palette using your Instagram feed.

My good friend Zhaneirie and I were having a conversation the other day about rebranding our social media feeds. One of the things I loved about her Instagram feed, was how she had everything colour coordinated. Until recently, I never bothered to colour coordinate my feeds, use grids or any other Instagram trends. I still don't like grids, but I did find a lot of value in using colour to plan my posts.

Things to consider when choosing a colour palette

Colour coordinating your Instagram feed can be tedious if you don't have an idea of what your brand colours are.

When choosing colours, you have to consider cultural meanings and how well they work together. What works in one country might have an entirely different meaning in another. Here are some well-known examples of colour meanings varying by country.

  • Red in North America means love and romance but symbolises violence and grief in South Africa.
  • Blue in most western countries represent trust and safety (think banks or security companies) but represents immortality in Hinduism.

Scenarios like these are why I suggest hiring a graphic designer to help you through the process of picking the right colours for your brand depending on your target market.

However, if you're just starting out then I'd suggest at least familiarising yourself with the basics of colour theory and graphic design.

The wwworkshop team has also put together a useful list of basic graphic design terms you're often likely to come across during your research.

Generate colour palettes using your Instagram feed

Colorkuler is a web-based application that will generate a colour palette from your Instagram account. The tool works by looking at your last nine posts and creating and picking the most dominant colours that work together.

There’s a pro version that provides more complex features like generating palette from your last 24 photos instead of 9 and most liked colours. However,  I don’t see the point in upgrading unless you want to support the developers.

How to use Colorkuler

ColorKuler Instagram colour palette
Colorkuler homepage

To get started, enter your Instagram username, click the arrow and the tool will generate a colour palette. Colorkuler then searches Instagram using their API to fetch your last nine posts.

ColorKuler Instagram colour palette for Mane Design JA
My Instagram colour palette created by ColorKuler

Next, download your Instagram palette by clicking the 'Download Your Palette'  button. A download prompt should show up shortly after. If you want to use these colours for your brand, I'd recommend using Coolors to get the hex/Pantone codes.

Related: The Coolors Guide (2021).

Importing ColorKuler Instagram colour palette into Coolors
Coolors can be used with ColorKuler to create colour palettes for your brand

To summarise, Colorkuler is an effective tool for finding your Instagram colour palette. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a quick branding tool to set them on the right path. If coolors isn't to your liking, you can always take a screenshot of your feed and upload it to Coolors or Adobe Kuler.

Are you looking for a team of graphic designers that understand colour theory as well as creating beautiful color palettes? If yes, feel free to shoot us a mesage.


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