Free Feminine Google Fonts for weddings, blogs and book covers

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Our last post on masculine Google Fonts did so well that we’ve decided to do a follow-up by listing our favourite feminine Google Fonts that are perfect for weddings, blogs and book covers.

Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you HAVE to use feminine Google Fonts in your work. In fact, we encourage you to diversify the types of fonts you collect as it will give you more flexibility in the long run. This is just a list of elegant, feminine typefaces we believe will wow your clients and make your projects stand out.

All the fonts listed are free to use in personal and commercial projects and licensed under the open font license.

Spectral Google Font

spectral and poppins google font
Yours Sincerely, a custom wedding-themed landing page uses Spectral and Poppins Google Fonts

Thin, modern serif fonts are hard to come by, and Spectral is definitely a standout in Google's catalogue.

Spectral is a new and versatile serif face produced by Production Type for Google Fonts. In fact, it was Google fonts that commissioned the font in the first place. The typeface comes in seven weights ranging from Roman to extra bold, however, the best fonts are the italics.

Spectral offers an efficient, beautiful design that’s intended primarily for text-rich, screen-first environments and long-form reading. For example, spectral works well for online wedding magazines, girl boss blogs and even romance e-books.

Common pairings for Spectral include Rubik, Montserrat, Poppins and Work Sans

Download Spectral Google Font

Cinzel (and Cinzel Decorative)

The guide to woman, a fictional book we created uses Cinzel and Lato

Cinzel, created by Natanael Gama, is a feminine serif typeface inspired by first-century Roman inscriptions and based on classical proportions. The designer claims that the typeface isn’t just simple revivalism but instead embraces both its ancient roots and new contemporary feel.

Cinzel Google Font is perfect for book covers, magazines, and high-fashion, luxury brands. If you want to get even more stylish, try out Cinzel’s sister font, Cinzel Decorative by the same designer.

Note: Cinzel is best suited for headlines and logos rather than long-form content like books and blog posts.

Common pairings for Cinzel include Roboto, Montserrat, Lato and Raleway

Download Cinzel Google Font

Download Cinzel Decorative Google Font


Handy Gentle Foaming Hand Soap product page uses Lato for both headings and body copy
Handy Gentle Foaming Hand Soap product page uses Lato for both headings and body copy

Lato is a sans serif typeface family created by Warsaw-based designer Łukasz Dziedzic and is a great alternative to Roboto or Helvetica for body copy.

While Lato isn’t an overly feminine Google font, it's very flexible and works in many situations.  

The main purpose of this font is to accompany your display type by creating contrast between headlines and body copy. It's also a great alternative to the overused Roboto and Open Sans typefaces.

Lato works well as a headline/display typeface but it’s best suited for long-form content like blog posts. Pair it with a serif font for added contrast.

Common pairings for Lato include Merriweather, Cinzel, Oswald and Lustria

Download Lato Google Font

Viaoda Libre

Vague Magazine uses Viaoda Libre and Lato

Viaoda Libre is another great feminine Google Font for designers looking for display serif typefaces to use on magazines or tabloids.  

Inspired by Vietnamese cultural symbolism, Viaoda Libre combines tradition with modern to create a serif face that works well in large titles and subtitles.

The font is actively being worked on and we should see a full family in the near future.

Common pairings for Viaoda Libre include Lato and Roboto

Download Viaoda Libre Google Font


Romatico Paris, a fake brand we created, uses Italiana for its logo

Italiana is an elegant Google font designed for use in the headlines of newspapers and magazines. In addition to being a great headline font, Italiana works exceptionally well as a logotype.

Inspired by the calligraphy of the Italian masters, Italiana is suitable for design solutions that require elegance and sophistication.

Common uses for Italiana can be logotypes for perfumes, fashion brands and high fashion magazines/blogs.

Common pairings for Italiana include Lato, Roboto, PT Serif, Montserrat and Open Sans

Download Italiana Google Font


  • Spectral
  • Cinzel + Cinzel Decorative
  • Lato
  • Viaoda Libre
  • Italiana

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