How to choose the best graphic designer for your business

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You need to have an eye-catching brand. If you are trying to gain customers, you will need to look professional. If you are trying to make a sale, you will need to look enticing. If you are trying to make a connection, you will need to have a good graphic designer creating your graphic materials. This post will look at why you need a graphic designer, how to pick out the best graphic designer for your small business, where to find a graphic designer and how much a graphic designer costs.

Why does your business need a graphic designer?

You may be surprised to learn that graphic design is not just about pretty pictures. It’s actually a highly complex and sophisticated skill that is essential to the success of any business, no matter how big or small.

A graphic designer is an artist and a problem solver. They use their skills and creativity to turn ideas and concepts into images and products that can be used to create a variety of commercial and non-commercial products. Graphic designers use a variety of tools and techniques to create the designs that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

So, why does your business need a graphic designer?

I think the main reason is that customers are attracted to an appealing design. If your brand is not visually appealing, it won’t be appealing to your customers either. I’m not saying that a bad design will automatically lead to a bad business, but it certainly won’t help.

Now, if you have a logo, you have a basic design, but that’s just a start. You need a good logo and a comprehensive visual identity system so you can develop a brand. Having a graphic designer on board will make the process at least 10 times easier.

How to choose the best graphic designer for your business.

How do you choose the right graphic designer for your business? And what do you look for in a graphic designer?

This is a very important decision that can make or break your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business, a startup, an e-commerce store, or even a big corporation, you will need a graphic designer to help you create effective internet marketing campaigns. That’s why you need to check out the portfolio of the graphic designer you are considering commissioning. This is the best way to see if they are suitable for your business.

Where to find graphic designers for your business

You can find a great graphic designer by asking your friends for recommendations. If you don’t have friends who are graphic designers, you can commission one by searching online.

  1. LinkedIn - a social media site for networking with professionals
  2. Upwork - a freelance job board where creators bid for jobs offered by businesses.
  3. Instagram - a photo-based social media where creators share their work with the public.
  4. UTech Jamaica Freelancer Business Directory - a job board consisting of businesses owned and operated by past students of UTech Jamaica.
  5. wwworkshop Design Studio - We are a Jamaican based design agency that specialises in brand identity and web design for small businesses.

How much does a graphic designer cost?

I can’t speak for all designers. But in our business, we have to be familiar with the numbers. Sometimes, I have to do the math when a client asks a question like ‘How much does a professional graphic designer cost?’ or ‘What is a graphic designer worth?’ The answer to this question is a bit subjective. It all depends on the demand for graphic designers in your area and how long you’re willing to wait to get the job done.

The price and quality of a graphic designer are directly related to the experience and the type of service that they provide. The more experience a graphic designer has, the more you can expect to pay for their services. Graphic designers with a few years of experience will generally charge less than those with more than a decade of experience. The type of graphic design work also affects the price. For example, logo design is usually more expensive than flyer design. A logo is an essential part of a business and, as such, it requires more time and effort to design and execute.

Our team believes in transparency which is why we list our pricing tiers for our potential clients to view and make a decision.


Who do you think is the best graphic designer? Some might say it’s the one who created the logo for Facebook, Twitter or Nike. Others would argue that the best graphic designer is the one who designed the logo for Apple or Google. Others still would say that the best graphic designer is the one who created the logo for your local bank or law firm. In all cases, there is one thing in common: a really good graphic designer will be able to demonstrate a long list of satisfied clients, a portfolio full of successful projects and a portfolio that contains a large variety of different projects.

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