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Logoipsum is a new placeholder logo generator from Signal Supply that allows designers and developers to instantly download 26 placeholder logos as SVGs.

As a web designer, my design process often includes creating wireframes and mockups so my clients can see what their website will look like on the web. However, if the client takes a long time to send over logos or approved images, I will turn to placeholders.

Some of my industry partners suggested using grey boxes instead of logos or create my own. While that may work for some, the grey boxes are too boring and creating my own placeholder logos is time consuming. But with logoipsum, I get to kill two birds with one stone.

Sorry, bird lovers.

Free SVG Placeholder Logos

Logoipsum placeholder logos svg by Signal Supply
Logoipsum's landing page

One of logoipsum's key features (other than being free) is that their logos are all SVGs, meaning that they can be scaled infinitely in any program that is compatible with the file format.

One-click copy or Download

To use logoipsum, click a logo and it will automatically be copied to your clipboard. Next, paste the copied code in your IDE of choice or design software like sketch.

Logoipsum placeholder logos svg by Signal Supply
Instantly copy or download logos

If your design software does not support the copying and pasting of SVG code *cough*Adobe Illustrator*cough*, you can simply click the download icon and it will begin to download your placeholder logo.

Logoipsum Filtering

Quickly filter through the different placeholder logo categories by clicking on the tabs. Currently, the logoipsum catalogue consists of "Logograms", Logotypes and Symbols & Badges.

Logoipsum placeholder logos svg by Signal Supply
Quickly toggle logo categories

Logoipsum Editing

Express your creativity by modifying the logos’ sizes and colours to match the company’s brand guidelines. Here is an example of playing around with the logo in Figma:

Logoipsum placeholder logos svg by Signal Supply
Modifying logo size and colour in Figma

Final Thoughts

Logoipsum has made finding high quality, scalable placeholder logos a painless process and deserves to be praised. The only drawback to this tool is the limited number of logo choices but at the end of the day, can you really complain when you're getting this for free?

All logos provided by this tool are free for personal and commercial usage.

If you want to support the developer financially, you can check out their parent company, Signal Supply where you can buy premium mockup packs.

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