The 3 Best Jamaican Graphic Design Schools [2021 Update]

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Jamaican graphic design schools

Whenever graphic design comes to mind, it’s often the thought of visually appealing marketing materials; flyers, posters, business cards, or even eye-catching websites and book layouts.

Graphic design isn’t limited to these examples, however, as the central focus of graphic design is the manipulation of visual elements to solve a design problem.

With the growing need for graphic designers, especially on social media, several Jamaican institutions have been establishing graphic design classes to match the global pace; The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech Jamaica), Caribbean School of Media and Communication (Carimac), and iCreate/the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC Jamaica).

People commonly refer to these institutions as ‘graphic design schools in Jamaica’. Though these institutions cater to creative minds who want to become certified in graphic design, they’re different in how they do it and how long it takes for accreditation.

Ba. in Communication, Arts and Technology (BACAT) at The University of Technology (UTech Jamaica)

BACAT's homepage


  • 4-year programme
  • Accredited
  • Well-rounded with specialisations
  • Located in Kingston and Montego Bay (1st year only)
  • Online classes
  • Hands-on approach
‘The B.A. in Communication Arts and Technology is designed as a four-year (eight-semester) full-time undergraduate degree with no immediate awards. Upon completion, the student will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Technology (B.A. CAT)’ 

– BACAT's programme brochure

Program Breakdown

The University of Technology, Jamaica, is known to be a very ‘hands-on’, and its media programme is no different. The B.A. in Communication Arts and Technology is an accredited four-year degree that allows students to pursue concentrations in Journalism, Advertising, and Public Relations.

The programme has several compulsory graphic design modules that work hand in hand with modules from other concentrations. Graphic design classes incorporate history lessons on visual and design elements, the origins of advertising and the principles of design. Students will also be required to complete practical assignments using graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

During the four-year programme, students are equipped with professional knowledge to be versatile in the industry. Upon completion, the student will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Technology.

Required Equipment

The B.A. in Communication Arts and Technology is a media degree so there are several tools you'll need to get through the four years.

  • A powerful laptop or PC (Minimum of 16GB ram, SSD, Intel i5 8th gen or higher),
  • A Digital Photography kit (Camera, SD Cards, Tripods, Lights, Flash),
  • A microphone for recording interviews, vox pops and documentaries,
  • A pair of studio quality headphones for audio classes.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud or Creative Suite 6

Entry Requirements

The successful candidate should possess the following or equivalent qualifications:

A minimum of five CSEC General Profienciency levels, 1, 2 OR 3 GCE O' Level A, B or C including English Mathematics OR a CPTC/MTI Diploma.

Programme Links

Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication CARIMAC at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus

CARIMAC's homepage


  • 3-year programme
  • Classes focused on the Caribbean
  • Covers business and creative aspects of mass communication
  • Short courses in the summer
  • Several degree offerings
  • Online application
  • Online classes
  • Accredited
"This programme develops the skill of communicating creatively. Using digital tools and design principles, students are be encouraged to solve design and communication problems."

-Carimac's BA in Digital Media Production page

Program Breakdown

CARIMAC is the most popular of the three Jamaican graphic design schools. The program focuses on mass communication within the Caribbean. It is known for offering a three-year-long B.A. in Journalism, Digital Media Production, and Integrated Marketing Communication.

Lately, CARIMAC expanded its reach to provide short summer courses in graphic design. The graphic design classes have two options; basic and advanced. Both courses equip students with insightful knowledge about the field of graphic design.

Upon successful completion, CARIMAC expects students to be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDraw. The institution also provides a certificate of completion for all graduates.

Required Equipment

CARIMAC's BA in Digital Media Production course covers web development, digital illustration, photography and motion graphics. As such, the applicant will need powerful hardware to handle the course material.

  • A powerful laptop or PC (Minimum of 24GB ram, SSD, Intel i7 9th gen or higher),
  • A Digital Photography kit (Camera, SD Cards, Tripods, Lights, Flash),
  • Adobe Creative Cloud subscription
  • Graphic tablet

Entry Requirements

Normal Matriculation (Full-time)

  • AT LEAST Five (5) CXC/CSEC subjects (general proficiency)
  • Grades 1-3 or the equivalent, including English Language AND AT LEAST two (2) CAPE subjects (both units) /two(2) A-levels.

Programme Links

iCreate at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC)

iCreate's homepage


  • Modern approach to classes
  • One-day workshops
  • Online classes
  • Hands-on approach
  • Good mix of long and short courses
  • Courses focus on several areas of visual design and digital marketing
  • Partners with organisations to help
  • Accredited

"iCreate is a Creative Training Institute developed with the aim of filling the gap in skills training and development of digital creatives. As an important part of the creative eco-system, we provide students with a wide range of career opportunities in the Creative Economy."

-iCreate at University of the Commonwealth Caribbean

Program Breakdown

iCreate is the youngest of the three Jamaican graphic design schools; however, it's been quickly gaining a reputation within Jamaica because of its focus on digital creatives.

The institution is diverse in its offering, but it is mainly known for producing graphic designers, photographers and social media managers. Students who complete the graphic design course will have a basic understanding of colours and typography and its relevance to maneuvering Illustrator and Photoshop.

Some topics covered by the course includes:

  • Introduction to Color
  • Introduction to Typography
  • Getting Started with Illustrator
  • Getting Started with Photoshop

Required Equipment

iCreate's requires the following equipment for their courses.

  • iMac Computers
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

We are not sure if they expect students to bring Macs with them to classes but a powerful Windows PC should be more than enough to get you through the course.

Entry Requirements

There are no requirements for iCreate courses. They have a low barrier to entry and the only requirement is that students are eager to learn about graphic design.

Programme Links


Graphic design is an essential part of the Jamaican creative industry and these Jamaican graphic design schools are leading the charge in producing the next generation of designers.

You don't need a degree to become a graphic designer. However, a graphic design degree provides several advantages when working in Jamaica. A notable perk being the ability to demand more pay for your services and a higher level of trust from corporate Jamaica when they're considering a graphic designer.

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