Too Cute! The ultimate list of kid-friendly fonts for students, teachers and parents

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Riffic display font

Riffic is a fun and fancy display font family designed primarily for big, bold headlines or whenever you want to add some playfulness to your design. It can also be used for your logos or flyer designs.

Currently you can get the bold weight of Riffic for free, but to use the entire family you will have to pay.

Download Riffic today


Mikado sans-serif font

Mikado is a child-friendly, casual type family designed to be used everywhere where a pleasant feeling should be conveyed: Games, Food, Service or Advertising.

Mikado has a positive, kind of "out-of-the-box-appearance" in big sizes, but also works very well at small sizes.

Download Mikado

Yanone Kaffeesatz

Yanone Kaffeesatz sans-serif font

"Yanone Kaffeesatz" was first published in 2004 and was updated in 2013 to be a part of Google Fonts.

The font family is perfect for class posters, summer school flyers, book covers and anything else that needs a charmingly imperfect, welcoming typeface.

Download Yanone Kaffeesatz

Comic Neue

Comic Neue san-serif font

If you are looking for child-friendly fonts, chances are that you came across the ubiquitous Comic Sans.

Now, Comic Sans isn’t a bad font, in fact, I would highly recommend using it where it is appropriate.

The reason why it’s so hated is because amateur designers used it everywhere.

Comic Neue is an improvement on the classic Comic Sans that straightens out some of the wonky shapes of the original to make them more suited for both display and body text.

Download Comic Neue


OpenDyslexic sans-serif font

OpenDyslexic is a sans-serif typeface that was designed to help those with dyslexia read more easily.

The newest version of OpenDyslexic allows teachers and parents to use it for personal use, business use, education, commercial, books, eBook readers, applications, websites, and any other project.

Currently OpenDyslexic is free to download but you can always leave a donation to keep the project going.

Download OpenDyslexic


Andika sans-serif font

Andika is a child-friendly sans serif font designed for literacy use, taking into account the needs of beginning readers.

The focus is on clear, easy-to-perceive letters that will not be readily confused with one another.

Download Andika

JollyGood Sans Condensed

JollyGood Sans Condensed font

JollyGood Sans Condensed is a member of the JollyGood family. This is a narrower comic font that allows you to fit a lot of text, while still being fun & legible.

JollyGood Sans Condensed is suitable for packaging, children’s books, greeting cards or wherever you need a fun touch in your text.

Download JollyGood Sans

JollyGood Sans

JollyGood Sans font

JollyGood Sans is another font family inspired by the infamous Comic Sans font found on Windows PCs.

The designer’s intention was to create something an alternative to Comic Sans but keep the fun feel and comic book style.

I think it turned out great and I’m sure children will love this one too.

Download JollyGood Sans

JollyGood Serif

JollyGood Serif font

“Geez…not this font family again”

The JollyGood typefaces are soooo good! It’s really difficult to choose just one of these.

JollyGood Serif is a hand-drawn serif/typewriter font that can work both for comics or as a display face.

It also works really well with its sister fonts JollyGood Sans and Sans Condensed.

Download JollyGood Serif

JollyGood Proper Serif

JollyGood Proper Serif font

Alright, alright, this is the last one. Pinkie promise.

JollyGood Proper Serif is a whimsical, yet somewhat sophisticated font.

It’s also perfect for children’s books and magazines due to its legibility as either headlines or body text.

‘Jolly good show, jolly good show!’ – Pops, Regular Show

Download JollyGood Proper Serif

Sugar Hut

Sugar Hut display font

Sugar Hut, as the name implies, is a sweet upper and lowercase display font with a quirky personality! Great for logos and headlines, this typeface also works well in arts and crafts projects.

Sadly, the illustrations shown above are not included with the font.

Download Sugar Hut


AllSpice display font

You thought we were done with the food references? Ha! Think again.

Allspice is a tasty new font for all of your fun projects! It's a mixed-case font (uppercase and lowercase are all the same height) so you can mix and match letters within a word to create some unique designs.

Plus, it comes with a full second font file with alternates, to give you even more options!

Download AllSpice

Konga Pro

Konga Pro display font

Konga Pro, a typeface originally designed in 2012, is a fun, energetic and round typeface made for children.

This is the perfect option if you have boys and even girls, who like cool and sporty t-shirts, stickers and birthday cards.

Download Konga Pro


Canterbury serif font

Canterbury is a classy and whimsical, handmade serif typeface created for use in logos, vintage graphics and childlike fonts.

This would be perfect for book covers, diary/journal covers and stickers.

Download Canterbury


We hope that you found this list of child-friendly fonts useful and that you find the perfect one for your next project. If you know of any other fonts that you think should be added to this list, please let us know!

If you had as much fun using these fonts as we did, please share this post with your local PTA or Facebook page.


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