How we rebranded a local fruit vendor at UTech Jamaica

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About the Project

In 2013, Magrega Morgan, who goes by the alias Greg, founded Greg’s Fruit Delight. Greg worked as a security officer at the University of Technology, Jamaica; however, he noticed that he could have a more significant impact on the University’s population by contributing to their well-being. Thus, he used his entrepreneurial skills to establish Greg’s Fruit Delight. This business caters to the wellness of its customers by promoting that consuming fruits is the ‘healthy way to start your day’.

Greg’s Fruit Delight seeks to target the University’s community, and this is inclusive of both students and staff. Additionally, customers can choose from a plethora of products that are rich in high nutritional value.

Greg’s Fruit Delight Main Location at the UTech Ja. Students’ Union Barn (beside Shelly’s). Other Locations include Calvin McKain Library, Building 22 (SOBA), Building 5 (SOBA), and Island Grill (located near the front field).

So far, our business is still growing, but we hope that one day Greg’s fruit delight will become a household name in Jamaica!

MaGrega "Greg" Morgan posing with his business's banner
MaGrega "Greg" Morgan posing with his business's banner

The Problem

Greg’s fruit delight is a new business in Jamaica, so marketing and building a customer base is critical at this stage. We did some investigation into our client’s social media background to see where they stand in terms of brand awareness and consumer reach. They only had a Facebook profile, which isn’t sufficient, considering that their customers primarily use Instagram and Snapchat.

We also noticed that their brand identity was inconsistent with their typography, colours, and an up-to-date logo. Lastly, the client didn’t have a website for their company so customers to view and order fruits.

We decided that it would be best to develop a brand identity system for the business and a brand-new website packed with e-commerce features. We built the site on WordPress, which would allow our client to customise their website at any time quickly..

The Solution

The team spent the first week doing interviews with our clients to get an understanding of the company's values. We looked at their aims and objectives and what they hope to gain from the website. We also took several photographs of goods and members of staff.

After we had conducted our meetings, we then took to the University of Technology’s (UTech) main campus to run a survey of 50 respondents to gauge the reach on the college and what products were most frequently bought. The most commonly purchased fruits were oranges and bananas, which are often bundled together for a hundred Jamaican dollars.

With all the information gathered, the team then went to the Calvin McKain Library to create a mind map to organise their thoughts. We would highlight these features on the website, and compare several ‘fruity’ colour palettes suggested by the client.

The Mind Map

We designed the mind map using Coggle, which is an online tool that allows users to create high-quality mind maps and export them in widely supported formats such as JPEG and PDF.

Designing the mind map took our team significantly less time because we had written down keywords in a journal before using Coggle.

We relied heavily on the mind map in many phases of the design, and it helped to provide a unified approach to solving the problem.

The Coggle Mindmap
The Coggle Mindmap


After completing a week of mind mapping, the team moved on to the wire framing phase of the website design. The software utilised was Adobe’s InDesign CC 2015 version, the Wirify© by Volkside Chrome Extension and Pinterest’s ‘pinning’ function to collect inspiration and illustrations of wireframes.

We initially considered doing a one-page website for our client, but after several discussions with GFD, we decided a traditional multi-page design would be ideal. The team then went back to the mood board, gathering inspirations and examples before sketching wireframes on paper and digitising them.

The approved design featured five main pages:

  • Home
  • About
  • Store
  • Checkout
  • Contact

Landing page sketches to wireframes

Landing page high-fidelity mockups

Homepage high-fidelity mockups (continued)

About page high-fidelity mockups

Store and checkout pages high-fidelity mockups

Product page mockups

To see these wireframes come to reality, the team had chosen several powerful plugins for assistance. We decided on using the Beaver Builder page builder tool for creating the layouts, as shown in the wireframes, the Google maps plugin for adding maps to the website, and the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce will allow our clients to set up a virtual store with all of their products available to the entire world and also keep track of their inventory and orders.

Our team also added the MailChimp subscription service so the client can mail special promotions and discounts to their customers.


We used the third week to focus primarily on copywriting. Our skilled team of copywriters produced web-friendly copy for both the website and product descriptions.’

The Results

Brand Identity

Our team also took the time to work on our client’s new logo proposal and, after several revisions, decided on a typographic logo.

The brand’s colours represent one of our client’s highest-selling and most recognised products, oranges. The orange is a warm colour that not only stimulates the appetite but is very welcoming. Green, the secondary colour, represents wellness, and the freshness of our client’s produce.

The clean, smooth typographic logo was selected because it represents how choosing a healthier lifestyle cleanses the body and allows it to work more efficiently.

Greg's Fruit Delight colour palette
Greg's Fruit Delight colour palette

Greg's Fruit Delight logo concepts 1
Greg's Fruit Delight logo concepts 1
Greg's Fruit Delight logo concepts 2
Greg's Fruit Delight logo concepts 2

The Website

Week 4 was the busiest week for the team of designers.

Week 4 was mainly working on the WordPress website: testing themes and plugins, searching for high-quality icons and selecting appropriate imagery for the site.

The team met several times during the week at the University of Technology, Jamaica, to work on the website together, and web conferencing software such as Hangouts to communicate on other occasions.

We did face some difficulty due to Flow’s internet service being down for almost two weeks in the Papine area.


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